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The Hells Gates Cushion Cover

The Hells Gates Cushion Cover

Sarah Andres x Captains Rest Cushion Cover

The Hells Gates Cushion Cover — the original of which sits on the wall at Captains Rest looking over the bay itself.

The Details!

Hells Gates measures 60cms x 40cms with a 4cm additional flange all around. Earlier editions of the same cushion, in a different print (a limited edition sold out), and included to show you and example of the exact shape, quality and design.

Insets not included, so you can choose your own — however, we made our cushions in standard sizing that you can source anywhere!

They are super thick Belgium linen, in an oatmeal colour and have an oatmeal linen backing — we have them hand made, and hand printed by our friends in Melbourne. The cushion is zipped in. No one wants to see an inner spilling out after a hard night on the couch!