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St. Palm Summerfields Natural Perfume

St. Palm Summerfields Natural Perfume

A natural perfume oil formulated with cold-pressed plant oils and a blend of therapeutic grade essential oils. Our perfume oils are 100% free from synthetic & artificial ingredients

SUMMERFIELDS smells like a perfect summer’s day, with delicate floral notes, uplifting citrus, and a soft woody scent. When worn, the combination of natural plant extracts and the chemistry of your body will create a beautiful, unique scent.

On top of being a fragrant aromatic combination, the therapeutic properties of rose, bergamot, and frankincense essential oils help to elevate mood and encourage self-love and positivity.


  • 100% natural & free from synthetic and artificial ingredients
  • Therapeutic properties of essentials oil lift the mood and restore balance
  • The oil-based formula locks natural scent into skin
Available Instore Only $52.00